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drillingSupply of drilling Lubricants and Chemicals

The main functions of drilling fluids include providing hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering into the well bore, keeping the drill bit lubricated cool and clean during drilling, carrying out drill cuttings, and suspending the drill cuttings while drilling is paused and when the drilling assembly is brought in and out of the hole, maintain wellbore stability, minimizing formation damage, control corrosion (in acceptable level), and facilitate cementing and completion.

Various types of drilling fluids are utilized for the purpose of oil drilling on daily basis. The type of drilling fluid required is a function of the type of well under consideration. Some wells require a particular type of drilling fluid while other wells may require a combination of drilling fluids.

At Ziade Petroleum and Energy, we supply drilling lubricants and chemicals for all drilling applications. These include;

  1. Water-based fluid systems,
  2. Oil-based fluid systems, and
  3. Synthetic-based fluid systems.



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