• Ziade Petroleum & Energy operates most effective supply chain services.



We engage in the provision of cost effective supply-chain services. We source, procure, package, freight, and deliver to your nominated post, warehouse or storage facilities, including offshore. We supply the required quality at the required quantity and at the required time.

Specifically, we have the expertise and requisite skills to provide our clients with impeccable service in the following areas:



Supply of Petroleum Products

1.) Lubricants
2.) Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO) or Black Oil
3.) Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) or Diesel
4.) Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) or Petrol
5.) Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)
6.) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)





drillingSupply of drilling Lubricants and Chemicals

The main functions of drilling fluids include providing hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering into the well bore, keeping the drill bit lubricated cool and clean during drilling, carrying out drill cuttings, and suspending the drill cuttings while drilling is paused and when the drilling assembly is brought in and out of the hole, maintain wellbore stability, minimizing formation damage, control corrosion (in acceptable level), and facilitate cementing and completion.

Various types of drilling fluids are utilized for the purpose of oil drilling on daily basis. The type of drilling fluid required is a function of the type of well under consideration. Some wells require a particular type of drilling fluid while other wells may require a combination of drilling fluids.

At Ziade Petroleum and Energy, we supply drilling lubricants and chemicals for all drilling applications. These include;

  1. Water-based fluid systems,
  2. Oil-based fluid systems, and
  3. Synthetic-based fluid systems.


Crude Oil

crude Ziade Petroleum and Energy is working as a trading company that offers crude oil (BLCO), diesel oil (D2), fuel oil (Mazut M-100) to our business partners all over the world. As a reliable partner, we are helping to buy and sell crude oil and petroleum products using our maximum capacity.

For genuine sellers and buyers of crude oil, we are the crude oil agents, facilitators and intermediary brokers. We work with leading sellers of crude oil in Nigeria and buyers abroad. We are trading company for buyers and sellers of crude oil worldwide. We work with well renowned crude oil companies to supply our buyers with their needed amount of crude oil. No matter the part of the world you live in, we can assist you in facilitating the purchase of genuine crude oil as well as the sale of crude oil for sellers.

Our company works with reliable crude oil sellers in Nigeria and other parts of the globe who have products to sell with POP (Proof of Product) to show to genuine buyers. We work with sellers who are tested and proven to perform and ready to deliver. We do not ask for any form of upfront payment or “bush clearing” for the product, hence be rest assured that you are on the right track. However, we may request for proof of the financial capability of the buyer to be able to pay for the product before a successful deal can be concluded.

We believe that we offer a competitive advantage because we have the flexibility, speed and expertise that our customers need and expect. With our wealth of experience of turning market intelligence into market advantage as well as our extensive links globally means that we are able to work with existing and new crude streams in any part of the world.




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